This Might Be the Best College Website Since Juicy Campus!!!

So I was searching the Web the other day just doing the stalker shit that I do, and I came across this crazy site called At first it looked like dogshit,  but after a few minutes, I realized it got the job done. I spent 3 hours browsing through all the funny complaints students have about their campus and I wasn’t close to done. Then I clicked on some crazy link that said “Win 500 T-shirts” and it looked like the fakest thing ever! Apparently you can post a funny story/slogan/update about your problem on campus, and the post with the most votes gets 500 free t-shirts with their slogan on it.

I had to hit up The Dean at FMyCampus to make sure it was legit, and he said “as soon as we get a winner, we’re shipping shirts.” That’s fucking awesome! If you have 500 students walking around with T-shirts complaining about campus problems, administration may start to take notice. Not to mention I’m pretty sure I can make a killing off of 500 free t-shirts at any college campus. All I have to do is sell them for $5 bucks a pop and I’m $2500 on the winning side. If I sell them for $10, I’m gonna go into early retirement.

The bottom line is this site is the shit! Fuck College ACB where people are talking shit about each other and comitting suicide. This place lets you talk about the administration and you can actually get real shit done on campus. Not to mention you can make some quick cash. I’ll be posting frequently!

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